Hypertox for Windows

Hypertox for Windows 914

Hypertox for Windows assists medical professionals in treating poisonings

Hypertox for Windows software program is designed to be used in poison centers, emergency rooms and intensive care units to provide updated information about common and severe poisonings and the possible antidotes.

Hyertox runs on Windows 95 platform or newer and uses 800K of memory. The application contains information about all major toxicologically important drug groups.

Many monographs are described and updated including anticonvulsants, beta blockers, methanol, tricyclic antidepressants and opioids to name just a few.

Each monograph is continually reviewed for accuracy, readability and practical value. The information flexibility provided allows medical professionals and their support staff to make knowledgeable choices about how to assist the patient.

The software program includes a management flow chart that assists medical professionals in the diagnosis and treatment of any poisoning that is presented.

Links are also provided to PubMed and other relevant data sources. Hypertox for Windows software program is compatible with version Windows 95 and all newer versions.